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Opened in May, BodyBrite Metairie (4241 Veterans Memorial Blvd., Metairie, 504-475-5510; is a medical spa franchise location offering intense pulsed light photofacials, hair removal, teeth whitening and more. Owner Andi Houston Jeane and shop manager Amber Swisshelm met in nursing school and decided to join forces to run a business, fulfilling a longtime dream of Jeane's. They have enjoyed the learning experience of opening BodyBrite Metairie and offering affordable treatments.

 "I loved the price point and thought it opened [medical spa services] up for people who never could have afforded them before," says Jeane, a Chattanooga, Tennessee native. "I knew that here, it would be appreciated, where there are a lot of college students and moms who are busy all the time and spend their money on their kids."

  When it comes to beauty routines, neither woman describes herself as high-maintenance; both play on a volleyball team with their employees and often forgo makeup. Jeane boxes for exercise and Swisshelm is a former gymnast. The partners have tried every service the spa offers, which puts clients at ease — as does the duo's sense of seen-it-all practicality, a result of their nursing days.

  "It's a very personal experience to come in here and tell us something that's bothering you about yourself," says Jeane, who received a Nursing Caring Award from LSU Health. "We want people to feel very comfortable and be able to talk about any problem they're having that we can help them with. It's a hard thing to talk about, but we want folks to know we get it."

  Jeane and Swisshelm say they have a diverse clientele that includes men and transgender customers. Some people bring their teenaged children for facials to help with acne. Jeane and Swisshelm are creating packages for back facials, ear hair removal and skin rejuvenation for folks who love spending time in the sun, as Jeane admits she does.

  BodyBrite Metairie offers discounts on popular services through the summer, including photo and oxygen facials, teeth whitening and body contouring. The medical spa hosts a "Good Fortune" store party at 7 p.m. Sept. 12 and will donate 10 percent of proceeds to Covenant House.

  New customers receive a free consultation and should expect to spend about 20 minutes answering questions about their health history and medications. Jeane stresses that she wants all her customers to feel comfortable as they learn about the available treatments.

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