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Bobby Jindal FundRaising


  Here's a news flash: Gov. Bobby Jindal is raising money in Louisiana. That's unusual for a guv who traveled outside the state more than 40 times this year to collect dough for his seemingly bottomless re-election war chest. The fundraiser's location, however, isn't the only surprising element of Jindal's upcoming event. It's billed as the "1st Annual Jindal Fun Hunt," an overnight fundraiser that kicks off with dinner on the evening of Jan. 3 and a hunt the following morning at the posh Grosse Savanne Waterfowl and Wildlife Lodge in Cameron Parish, where a one-night corporate package for up to 18 guests costs $9,000. Jindal is charging $5,000 a head for his shoot-em-up.

  Team Jindal is famously tight-lipped on fundraising, and because the hunt will take place in 2010, the names of those who pony up won't be made public until early 2011 (the state has annual reporting rules). Also of note is the fundraiser's host: Natural Resources Secretary Scott Angelle. The former St. Martin Parish president also serves as Jindal's legislative liaison, Angelle has expressed interest in making a bid for the Third Congressional District seat, which is open because of the senatorial aspirations of Rep. Charlie Melancon, D-Napoleonville. Angelle says he's considering switching parties from Democrat to Republican for the race. Raising money for the state's top GOP official may be a sign of Angelle's intentions. The event has been organized by "Friends of Bobby Jindal," the governor's campaign finance arm. — Jeremy Alford

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