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Blue Winds Dancing: The Whitecloud Collection of Native American Art


They were here first. The early European explorers called them Indians because they were looking for India and some people won't take no for an answer. The natives, of course, had their own names for themselves, and Native American arts and crafts are the products of many diverse traditions that meld art and spirituality into almost every facet of everyday life. This Blue Winds Dancing expo celebrates those traditions in more than 400 antique and contemporary objects collected over the past 30 years by Dr. Thomas and Mercedes Whitecloud. Focusing on sacred imagery and ritual objects as well as functional crafts, the exhibition reveals how Native American spirituality and mythology are reflected in beadwork, sculpture, pottery, jewelry, baskets and textiles that tell an enduring story encompassing past, present and future generations. " D. Eric Bookhardt

Through December

New Orleans Museum of Art, City Park, 658-4100;


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