New Orleans Saints player quotes from mini-camp



Here are some quotes from wide receiver Marques Colston, head coach Sean Payton and safety Kenny Vaccaro from the New Orleans Saints mini-camp.

Marques Colston

Regarding his foot injury

"I feel completely different."

"I feel really good. It's really not an issue. I've been able to get out here with really no restrictions and just run around and feel good."

Regarding getting some time off during mini-camp from coach Sean Payton

"With as much mileage as I have in eight years going on nine, I'd definitely look forward to that."

Head Coach Sean Payton

Regarding rookie Brandin Cooks getting up to speed on the playbook while he finishes classes at Oregon State.

"What we're allowed to do is basically in the evenings we have kind of an online time where we go through practice tape and go through the installation."

"He was here through the rookie camp and he was able to take the book back with him and work through page by page.”

"What we've done is set aside an hour and hour-and-a-half each night and go online with him and have him go through the tape with our coaches."

"He'll be in this weekend and he'll be here Monday to get caught up to speed as quickly as possible.”

Kenny Vaccaro

On playing last year vs right now

“I’m playing faster than last year."

"I’ve learned so much from last year. Even coming off the injury, I’m playing so much faster than last year.”

For more information on the New Orleans Saints mini-camp and videos, visit the Saints website.

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