South Carolina woman jailed for not returning VHS movie she rented in 2005



While many of us lament the long, slow demise of old-school video rental stores, one woman from Pickens, South Carolina would probably now describe herself as something less than nostalgic.

According to a report by the Fox Carolina TV news team, Kayla Finley, 27, went to her local police station in Pickens, South Carolina this month to report a crime and was arrested for petty larceny. It seems she never returned the VHS copy of Monster-In-Law — a romantic comedy starring Jennifer Lopez and Jane Fonda — that she rented from her local (and now defunct) video store in 2005, and an arrest warrant was issued. Old warrants never expire, even in the age of Video On Demand.

Pickens is a small town just south of the Blue Ridge Mountains and about halfway between Charlotte and Atlanta, with a population of 3,142. The owner of the video store in question informed authorities that he does not wish to press charges against Finley, but not before his former customer spent one long night in jail.

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