RTA board approves ferry fare plan




Following the Aug. 5 public hearing to discuss the future of the Mississippi River ferries, New Orleans Regional Transit Authority's (RTA) board of commissioners met today to consider the proposed changes to the ferries' fare structure. The board voted in their favor, and they now head to New Orleans City Council for final approval.

The RTA made some adjustments to its fare proposal, presented last week. It took note of five points made at the Aug. 5 public meeting, including keeping fares affordable, offering discounts to regular riders, integrating public transit (including buses and streetcars) into the fare, and recognizing the needs of low-income riders.

Here is the RTA's "new" proposal for the Algiers-Canal Street ferry:

- The proposed $75 monthly ferry pass dropped to $65.
- The fare structure also includes one-day, five-day and 31-day integrated public transit passes for ferry, streetcar and bus service: one-day integrated transit pass is $7; 5-day ferry only pass is $18; 5-day integrated pass is $30; 31-day ferry-only pass is $65; 31-day integrated pass is $108.
- There still will be a daily $2 pedestrian fare ($4 round-trip). There is a $1 senior discount.
- The $5 day pass was eliminated.
- Drivers pay $2 one way and $2 for each additional passenger. There is a $1 senior discount.

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