Second line schedule for JazzFest



Second line parades sponsored by the social aid and pleasure club community are put on hold during the two weeks of Jazz Fest. The unfortunate reality here is that there just aren’t enough cops on the force to handle the neighborhood parades along with the city’s general crime issues and Jazz Fest. But the good news is the SAPCs put on 30 minute mini-parades several times a day through JazzFest’s main path (unless otherwise noted) during the festival. No, its nowhere near the outrageous four hour long, 1,000+ mobile bodies extravaganza. But its still exciting footwork, great music and bookoo fun.

Below is the schedule of Social Aid and Pleasure Clubs (and Indians too) second lines. Bookmark it!

(schedule details below the jump!)

12:15 PM Creole Osceolas and Geronimo Hunters Mardi Gras Indians
1:35 PM Young Pinstripe Brass Band with Keep N It Real and We Are One SAPC
2:45 PM Mahogany Brass Band with Zulu and Big Nine SAPC
4:15 PM Black Mohawk and Black Foot Hunters Mardi Gras Indians

12:30 PM Real Untouchable Brass Band with Divine Ladies, Family Ties and Dumaine Street Gang SAPCs
1:30 PM Seminoles and Golden Comanche Mardi Gras Indians
1:40 PM Lady Jetsetters SAPC in Economy Hall
2:45 PM New Wave Brass Band with Single Ladies, Single Men, and Nine Times Men SAPCs
4:15 PM Red, White & Blue and Wild Mohicans Mardi Gras Indians

12:10 PM Ninth Ward Hunters and Ninth Ward Navajo Mardi Gras Indians
1:20 PM Smitty Dee’s Brass Band with Olympia Aid, New Look, and First Division SAPC
2:30 PM Jazz Funeral for Uncle Lionel Batiste with Treme Brass Band and Friends
4:00 PM Black Eagles, Shawee, and Big Chief Kevin Goodman & the Flaming arrows Mardi Gras Indians
5:20 PMTornado Brass Band with Furious Five, Untouchables, and Big Steppers SAPC
5:40 PM Men of Class Social Aid & Pleasure Club in Economy Hall

1:30 PM Cheyenne and 7th Ward Creole Hunters Mardi Gras Indians
2:40 PM The Roots of Music Marching Crusaders
4:00 PM Pocket Aces Brass Band with Revolution and Ladies of Unity SAPC
5:40 PM Original Pinettes Brass Band with VIP Ladies SAPC

12:00 PM New Orleans Mardi Gras Indian Rhythm Section and Young Magnolias Mardi Gras Indians
1:00 PM 21st Century Brass Band with Lady Rollers and Scene Boosters SAPCs
2:00 PM Golden Sioux and Young Cherokee Mardi Gras Indians
3:30 PM Young Fellaz Brass Band with Original Four and Original Big Seven SAPCs

12:05 PM Cherokee Hunters and Wild Red Flame Mardi Gras Indians
1:10 PM Kinfolk Brass Band with Nine Times Ladies, Westbank Steppers and Valley of Silent Men SAPCs
3:10 PM Big Chief Trouble & Trouble Nation and Mohawk Hunters Mardi Gras Indians
4:10 PM Baby Boyz Brass Band with Undefeated Divas, New Generation and Pigeon Town Steppers SAPC
6:10 PM Uptown Swingers Social Aid & Pleasure Club in Economy Hall

1:00 PM Highsteppers Brass Band with Original C.T.C. and Old & Nu Style fellas SAPCs
2:00 PM Wild Tchoupitoulas, Wild Apaches, and Carrollton Hunters Mardi Gras Indians
3:00 PM TBC Brass Band with Original Lady Buckjumpers and Prince of Whales SAPCs
4:00 PM Buffalo Hunters and Apache Hunters Mardi Gras Indians


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