Science says: Yakamein really does cure hangovers



Yakamein from Ms. Lindas catering.
  • Yakamein from Ms. Linda's catering.
Science, the drunkard's friend:

Researchers presenting at the 245th National Meeting & Exposition of the American Chemical Society in New Orleans said foods like Yak-a-mein, which contain salts, protein and other ingredients, really can help drinkers recover from the effects of alcohol consumption.

"Folklore has it that American soldiers from New Orleans stationed in Korea in the 1950s learned to appreciate Yak-a-mein on the morning after, and brought a taste for it back home," Alyson E. Mitchell, Ph.D., of the University of California at Davis said in a statement.

The Atlantic Cities has more, and points us to this blog, which introduces us to the Baltimore specialty "Yat Gaw Mein":

A Baltimore Fav pronounced Yak Gow Mane.

I find that different regions do this cheap Chinese dish differently.

West Baltimore makes a sweet version, East Baltimore salty, and Philly's version is covered in gravy and not ketchup.

Clearly the Crescent City and Charm City share more than a waterfront, John Waters and David Simon.

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