Four things about The Postal Service



1. The Postal Service (the U.S. Postal Service, not the band) has now backed off on its proposal/threat to cut Saturday mail delivery.

2. The Postal Service (the band, not the U.S. Postal Service) yesterday released the 10th anniversary remaster/remix/reissue/whatever of its album Give Up. Which makes me happy. Because I am old.

3. The Postal Service (the tour, not the band, not the U.S. Postal Service) doesn't look like it's coming to Jazz Fest. There was a big hole in the schedule between April 20 and May 18, right during Jazz Fest, and since the tour is stopping at a bunch of festivals, I held out hope that Quint Davis would be springing this as a surprise. But no.

4. Big Freedia (not the tour, not the band, not the U.S. Postal Service) will be opening for The Postal Service for three shows in July — in Vancouver, B.C., Portland, Ore. and Berkeley, Calif. So why not bring the tour here?

Here is one of the bonus tracks from the reissue of Give Up, "A Tattered Line of String."

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