As New Orleans prepares to host the event know as the "Super Bowl," there are many questions on locals' minds. Which major roads will be closed? Will there be anywhere to park my car? What events sponsored by dog food companies and cable providers can I attend? But the most important question weighing heavily on our minds is: when is the Super Bowl?

Fortunately, NOLA.com has answered this tough question in its dogged pursuit of robust content-gathering.


The tweet links to a story web optimized content granule containing the date and other vital facts, including the location, kick-off time and halftime entertainment for the game, and also that the time zone encompassing New Orleans, La. (the city hosting "Super Bowl 2013") is "Central time" and the entity producing "Super Bowl 2013" is the National Football League.

Even some current and former Times-Picayune staffers commented on the parent website's Huffington Post-style SEO trolling on Twitter.

Here's some questions I have that the article Internet-enabled synergized information module fails to address: are the Saints competing in this? Is this the show with the funny commercials? What time does Downton Abbey come on? What does Beyonce smell like?

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