Storyville Apparel is holding a New Orleans Pelicans design contest



Storyville Apparel announced their New Orleans Pelicans design contest today
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  • Storyville Apparel announced their New Orleans Pelicans design contest today

Not too long ago, we posted about's winning entries to their New Orleans Pelicans' design contest. The designs, which were presumably made by a whole lot of people not from New Orleans (the winning artist is from Eastern Europe), ranged from clever to silly and we urged local t-shirt designers Storyville and Dirty Coast to come up with their own mock-ups.

Well, it looks like that at least Storyville has (sort of) responded to our call by launching their own design contest which starts today and runs through January 25. Like most of their design contests, the winning entry will receive a cash prize and will be featured on Storyville t-shirts. It should be noted that the photo above is not a contest entry but rather a promotional design for the contest itself. However, that design (and the first contest entry featured on Storyville's Facebook page) are both already more localized than most of the entries.

It should also be noted that this is still all in good fun and that, despite reports of filing for trademarks, neither the New Orleans Hornets nor the NBA have made any official announcement about the possible name change to Pelicans. Despite that, it will be very interesting to see how locals tackle designing the logo. The 99Designs entries clearly came from a perspective of marketing the Pelicans to a global audience. Surely the Storyville entries will be more hyper-local but it will be awesome to see if anyone comes up with a design that has both global appeal and is representative of New Orleans and Louisiana.

Anyone interested in submitting a design should head over to Storyville's website.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, the Hornets are 4-1 since we first posted about New Orleans Pelicans design contests. So there's that.

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