VIDEO: 60 Minutes on cutbacks at The Times-Picayune



If The Times-Picayune was anticipating a negative piece about the paper's cutbacks on tonight's 60 Minutesand it seemed like it was — it really had nothing to fear. Morley Safer's report — most of which was taped months ago — was a breezy, evenhanded look at the "digital transition" at the new NOLA Media Group.

It focused on New Orleans tradition both real and manufactured (beignets! Camellia Grill! conventioneer second-lines on Royal Street!) and made only general reference to the woes of the newspaper industry as a whole (no hard facts or figures), as well as glossing over last summer's protests against the paper's cutback. Mayor Mitch Landrieu, The New York Times' David Carr and T-P editor Jim Amoss were featured prominently, along with former T-P advisory board member Anne Milling (Milling stepped down quietly months ago), former columnist Lolis Eric Elie and Archbishop Gregory Aymond.

Safer made mention of the digital divide separating New Orleans' poor and disenfranchised communities, but they had no voice in the story. Also missing: the voices of the leaders of the protest against the paper's cutback, as well as former employees and groups like DashThirtyDash, the Times-Picayune Employee Assistance Fund.

What did you think of 60 Minutes' report?

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