New Orleans named America's Best City




Oh, Travel + Leisure. You thought you had us pegged as a smelly town with some OK food likely eaten by total freaks or whatever you think hipsters are.

We've had some fun little scraps these past several months, Travel + Leisure. We know you just love a good click-through slideshow article to grab our attentions and have us write reactionary blogs as you bathe in a money jacuzzi — we know you love us. C'mon. You do.

We almost broke you last year, but this time, we're Number One. In your annual poll, New Orleans topped the list of "America's Best Cities":

The Crescent City is the ultimate crowd-pleaser: it scored in the top five in more than half of the survey’s categories. These high marks run the gamut from the quite civilized—fine dining, architecture, and antiques—to the boisterously unpretentious, such as its top-rated music scene and the colorful people-watching.

When we tabulated the overall popularity results—those cities with the most top-five rankings across the 66 categories—a clear winner emerged. New Orleans scored in the top five in more than half of the survey’s categories, from fine dining, architecture, and antiques to the entertaining people-watching and its No. 1-ranked music scene.

Also, here's a satisfying graphic you can recreate with the city-to-city face-off:


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