Orleans: 80 percent Obama



While President Barack Obama was soundly thumped statewide by GOP challenger Mitt Romney in yesterday’s election — Romney received 57.8 percent of Louisiana’s presidential vote, while Obama got only 40.6 percent — the numbers in Orleans Parish told a story of a deep blue dot in a deep red state.

Obama received 80.3 percent of the vote in Orleans, while Romney took only 17.8 percent, according to next-day statistics from the Louisiana Secretary of State's website.

That percentage bested Obama’s showing in some of the country’s most liberal West Coast regions. Multnomah County, Oregon (Portland), went for Obama with 75.6 percent of the vote; King County, Washington (Seattle) managed 68.5 percent; and the County of Los Angeles scored 69.3 percent of the vote for the president.

Of the big West Coast cities, only San Francisco, where Obama received 83 percent of the vote, scored higher than Orleans for Obama.

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