No, city council has not touched the bar age restriction ordinance


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In February, Jackie Clarkson proposed an ordinance to raise the age restriction in bars from 18 to 21 years old. Waves of feedback ensued from pleas from the music community and bar scenes.

The measure was soon deferred to the Criminal Justice Committee for discussion and approval, which has been the case for the last eight months. Because it's still an active piece of legislation, the ordinance still appears on city council agendas — but with a note that it has been referred to the Criminal Justice Committee. The Nov. 1 city council agenda also contained the pair of ordinances, again, with the note they've been referred to the Criminal Justice Committee.

Despite the very-static item obviously not coming up for a vote, WWL announced that council would consider the measure. When council did not, it reported on the evening news broadcast that the vote had been "postponed". WWL also posted the story online with the headline "Council vote on raising age to 21 for bars postponed" and added that "council had planned to take up the issue at a meeting Thursday." Neither story made any mention of the Criminal Justice Committee meeting.

In fact, the next Criminal Justice Committee meeting isn't scheduled until the end of the month, two weeks after the next council meeting, which, presumably, will carry the same proposed ordinances — and notice of their referral — on the agenda.

City council staff said Clarkson's office received several confused phone calls about the measure following the WWL reports. Clarkson's director of communications Susan Baxter said the measure is still being discussed.

And it's not the first time. In October, WWL said the measure would be up for a vote on Oct. 18. WGNO reported the same.


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