Family Research Council head Tony Perkins: "I think that Todd Akin is getting a really bad break here"


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Since yesterday, when Missouri Rep. Todd Akin's remark about "legitimate rape" and miscarriages caused a firestorm, many fellow Republicans have distanced themselves from Akin, and some have outright condemned his statement. Akin, who is leading in a Missouri Senate race against Democratic incumbent Claire McCaskill, was even told to step down by GOP senators Ron Johnson of Wisconsin and Scott Brown of Massachusetts. GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney has called Akin's views “insulting, inexcusable and, frankly, wrong.”

But still firmly in Akin's corner is Family Research Council (FRC) president and former Louisiana Rep. Tony Perkins, who expressed support for Akin today in an appearance with FRC Action PAC president Connie Mackey:

Perkins called the controversy an attempt to divert attention from McCaskill. "Claire McCaskill has been supportive of Planned Parenthood, an organization that has been under investigation for criminal activity," Perkins said.

"For other Republicans, I have not seen Scott Brown’s statement, but he should be careful because based on some of his statements there may be some call for him to get out of his race," Perkins added.

Akin appeared on Mike Huckabee's radio show today to further explain his remarks ("I was talking about forcible rape, and that was absolutely the wrong word") and told Huckabee he had no intention of withdrawing from the race. Other conservatives have come to his defense today as well.

Perkins served two terms in the Louisiana House of Representatives from 1996 to 2004. He left politics to head up the FRC in 2003, and has been a frequent guest on cable news since, advancing the pro-life position and conservative values. Last year, Akin appeared on Perkins' radio show, where he said liberalism "really is a hatred for God."


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