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An online service launched in February called Tugg allows you to book a favorite movie at your local theater—as long as a bunch of your friends are willing to go along for the ride and buy tickets in advance.

The process is relatively simple. Sign up at the Tugg site and choose a film from the catalog, a participating local theater, and an available date and time, then create a Facebook page or other social media plea for participation, and you're set. As soon as a minimum number of online friends (determined by the theater) agree to buy tickets, your screening is a-happenin'. And just as in a Kickstarter campaign, no one is charged for their tickets until the minimum is reached. Movie studios large and small are currently in the process of making their films available on Tugg. To us, this sounds like the future of movie-going. Don't like what Hollywood currently has to offer? Choose a new documentary or a classic film to watch on the big screen.

Local film fan Josh Stover did just that: His Thursday night screening of classic 1966 Spaghetti Western The Good, The Bad and the Ugly at The Theatres at Canal Place sold out all 60 seats. The minimum set by Canal Place was 50.


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