The Human Centipede II is playing at Prytania, if you're into that



I'm not necessarily recommending you see The Human Centipede II — I found the second installment of Tom Six's gastro gross-out franchise (which isn't over yet, people) to be entirely unwatchable. The handful of humorous horror movie cliches and the "is this really a movie?" factor made the first film somewhat digestible, but the second film is basically an 88-minute-long nightmare from the bowels (pun completely intended) of hell.

But it was a midnight screening at the Prytania Theatre that introduced me to the first film, and the experience of seeing the reactions from fellow viewers was enough to make me not completely regret the evening. If you can stomach it, the theater screens the sequel at midnight Friday and Saturday. Besides a brief stint during last year's New Orleans Film Festival, this is the only time I've seen the film screened in the city since its 2011 release (there's probably a reason for that).

Looks like some people are excited!


The trailer, if you dare, is after the jump.

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