Endymion's Progress: Wednesday afternoon



Yesterday we began documenting the state of the Orleans Avenue neutral ground in the days leading up to the Krewe of Endymion parade. What's changed in the last 24 hours? No ladders or furniture yet, but lots more spray paint than there was yesterday, and even some gardening stakes and string. Let's take a look.


Hard to tell what's going on here, but it looks like three different groups have split up this corner in a way I haven't seen since 10th-grade geometry ... if line segment A is twice as long as chord B ...


Using string and gardening stakes, some enterprising person has marked off a neutral-ground space as large as a studio apartment.

More under the cut.




This is hard to read, but it says "LSUSD." A quick Google search reveals that it could stand for the LSU School of Dentistry or the school district in Lakeside, Calif.. Or maybe it's something else. It's certainly big enough to fit an entire School of Dentistry.

Check back tomorrow on Endymion's Progress ...

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