Will Ferrell adds a touch of surrealism to a lousy New Orleans Hornets game



Even if the New Orleans Hornets can't seem to win a game, the team knows how to bring the surreal (and we're not just talking King Cake Baby). Witness the player introductions from last night, performed by comedian Will Ferrell.

Among Ferrell's biographical notes on the players: "He has a pet dolphin named Chachi," "His favorite movie is The Notebook," "He majored in Econ ... but he minored in Love" (Emeka Okafor) and — best of all, while introducing Trevor Ariza, "He still likes to listen to Bell Biv DeVoe." Add to that Hugo the Hornet dressed in a Rubik's Cube while images of Gary Coleman and clips from Dynasty played on the Jumbotron (it was '80s Night) and you've got a surreal sports spectacle that might, almost, distract you from the fact the Bees sank to the Chicago Bulls 90-73.

But there was lagniappe, particularly for anyone who's ever wanted to see WDSU-TV's Fletcher Mackel shut down. After the introductions, Mackel approached Ferrell for a interview and was rebuffed. Unfortunately, the moment wasn't caught on tape, but here's a reenactment.

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