CNN asks Sen. David Vitter about his "serious sin"



Following a weekend at the Monster Jam and a live-tweet sesh (both the Grave Digger's paint job and the Robosaurus were "awesome"), Sen. David Vitter appeared on this morning's edition of CNN's Early Start. Host Ashleigh Banfield diverted from discussing the Republican primaries and brought up Vitter's issues with prostitution in 2007.

Banfield had a long wind-up pitch: "I know coming on TV with me today, you had to know that this question was coming, so, and it's awkward for me to even ask it, but I gotta, and I think you know where I'm going with this..." To which a mildly confused Vitter replied, "I don't, but go ahead."

Banfield asked Vitter to compare his prostitution scandal to Republican presidential nominee Newt Gingrich's infidelities, and "what it is like to be a politician who has some serious baggage trying to be elected."

"The good news is, in America, it's not up to CNN," Vitter said. "It's up to voters." Vitter said what voters will focus their attention on is a tanking economy.

Banfield asked again if Vitter can compare his past "serious sin" to Gingrich's in their respective election cycles. "No I can't," he said, and awkward pauses follow.

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