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Judging from our web traffic in the last 24 hours, our readers really care about two things: Drew Brees and king cake-flavored vodka. (Read the original story about the vodka here — and check our Facebook friends' reaction here. So far opinion is pretty split over whether this is really a good idea.)

Since we wrote about it, we heard from several people, including Miami-based Alfredo Diaz, founder of Lucky Player Brands, which is distilling and distributing the vodka (it's being made in France). "I've been working on it for nearly two years," Diaz says, adding that the flavor profile is based on the king cake from Haydel's Bakery: "I've overnighted king cakes from Haydel's and flown them to France to make sure the taste is right."

Diaz — a New Orleans native who went to De La Salle High School and LSU — says the laws regarding imported spirits keep him from announcing a firm date on availability, but the vodka should start showing up in New Orleans "later this month." (On its Twitter account, Rouses Markets says "It'll be in in about 10 days. Exclusively at Rouses," and adds that, right now, "We've definitely got king cake flavored king cake covered.")

We're looking forward to getting a bottle of king cake-flavored vodka — and by 'we,' I mean I've heard not only from the Gambit editorial department, but also production/design and sales — so we'll have a live-tweeted taste testing as soon as we can get our hands on a bottle. That afternoon's work should be interesting.

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