Y@ Speak: Facts and female tendencies edition



Happy New Year! What did you resolve to do in 2012? I hope Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma has resolved to not say dumb things on Twitter going forward. Last week he created some Twitter drama with a post many took as an insult to gay men, which he followed with a series of non-apologies.

While we're on the topic, have you explored the world of professional athletes' Twitter accounts? As I've learned from doing this roundup, the combination of a not-very-smart public figure (who is a fine athlete, of course), access to a platform with a large audience, and a total lack of PR filter often leads to hilarious or — in Vilma or Reggie Bush's case — disastrous results.

Anyway, what else happened this week? New Orleans food critic/historian/curmudgeon Tom Fitzmorris accused local restaurants of "pandering" in a CityBusiness story, New Year's Eve and a very hungover Saints game the next day happened, and Twitter users gave us lots of facts, for some reason.

Programming note: Y@ Speak will go back to Mondays starting next week. We've been out of the office the last two Mondays.

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