GOP-backed candidate uses fake Jindal pic against his opponent



A candidate for the Louisiana Senate who is supported by some leading Republicans in the district has faked a photo of Gov. Bobby Jindal shaking hands with his opponent — in an attempt to discredit her among her mostly black constituents. Former state Sen. Greg Tarver of Shreveport, who has substantial GOP support in northwest Louisiana, is in a heated runoff against incumbent Sen. Lydia Jackson, also of Shreveport. Both are Democrats.

Tarver, who stood trial with former Gov. Edwin Edwards in the racketeering case that sent EWE to jail for 10 years (Tarver was acquitted), took responsibility for the faked photo, which originally showed Jackson shaking hands with fellow state Sen. Norby Chabert of Houma. Tarver admitted that someone in his campaign computer-pasted Jindal’s head on top of Chabert’s to make it appear that Jackson, who is a frequent critic of Jindal, was somehow on good terms with the Republican governor.

The fake photo is the latest dust-up in what has become a very bitter runoff between the two candidates in northwest Louisiana’s largest black-majority district. Both Tarver and Jackson are African American, and the contest has divided the district’s black community.

For a look at the photo, see the KTBS-TV story online.

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