Drew Brees went trick-or-treating as a centurion



Former Gambit editor Michael Tisserand was shepherding his kids and their friends around a neighborhood where they probably hand out the really good candy when he came across another trick-or-treat dad. This other trick-or-treat dad was dressed like a centurion (a barefoot one!) and joking around with a little kid wearing a Marques Colston jersey ... and this other trick-or-treat dad was nice enough to pose for a photo with Michael's flock, and ...

Behold: what Drew Brees was doing on Halloween night.

Just another trick-or-treat dad Uptown.
  • Just another trick-or-treat dad Uptown.

* Totally charmed by the fact it looks like the Brees family whipped up this outfit themselves. That's how you do it in New Orleans.

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