Art Neville finds Jay-Z and Beyonce insufficiently funky



Beyonce (seen here at Madame Tussauds wax museum) is insufficiently funky for Art Neville.
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  • Beyonce (seen here at Madame Tussaud's wax museum) is insufficiently funky for Art Neville.
Volumes could probably be written and colleges could host debates in regard to the question of an individual's perceived "funkiness," but it's safe to say that Art Neville is an authority on the subject. Therefore, any Neville-related pronouncements as to relative funkitude must be considered seriously.

In a recent interview with Patch, Art proclaimed a pair of popular entertainers lacking in essential funk:

"I've listened to Jay-Z and Beyonce recently. I don't really get it. Not yet, anyway. It's dance music, but it ain't very funky."

Art also summed up New Orleans 2011 this way:

"In some strange ways, it's like it always was, just more extreme since the flood. The parts that are good are still good, the parts that are run down, are still in bad shape. Just worse. The poor folks is hurting there, still, And nothing much has changed that. Of course, yuppies are starting to move in and push out the natives. That ain't nothing new."

And it's safe to say the yuppies fall short in the funk department, too.

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