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Due to the threat of Hurricane Irene, New York is in full-on evacuation mode — which is a feeling us New Orleanians know all too well. (Former Mayor Ray Nagin also knows this well, and is available for any and all press opportunities!) Everyone's in a panic, but the Village Voice has presented a positive side to this state of emergency: It's a great opportunity to find a boyfriend! (Or at least someone to snuggle with until this whole thing passes over.)

Jen Doll, the author of the post, has a point. We all know from experience that imminent hurricanes present ample opportunities for mingling. Stocking up on canned food and batteries at the grocery. Filling up at the gas station. Boarding up your windows. And the feeling of apocalyptic doom that pervades all those situations is arousing for a lot of people — so why not make the most of it? Plus, striking up a conversation is easy, since potential topics abound:

But before the hurricane starts, you should be outside as much as possible, so that you can make conversation with possible hurricane boyfriends. Some good conversational lines are, 'Have you ever been in a hurricane?' 'Do you think this is actually going to happen?' 'What lovely weather we're having!' and 'You had me at hello.'

If a storm heads our way anytime soon, this is something to keep in mind.

And for any New Yorkers reading this: EVACUATE. Trust us on this one.

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