Po-boys vs. cheesesteaks on Fox News



Today Fox News took a fair and balanced look at the po-boy in a feature titled "Ultimate Sandwich Smackdown," in which the classic New Orleans po-boy was compared to the Philadelphia cheesesteak. (Not sure where the "smackdown" part came in, as there was no judgment as to which sandwich was the better ... but we already know that.)

Speaking up for the po-boy was local foodie Lorin Gaudin, while in the cheesesteak's corner was Carolyn Wyman, author of The Great Philly Cheesesteak Book and a woman who seems to have achieved a small measure of fame by cooking shrimp in a clothes dryer.

Wyman's argument against the po-boy is twofold: “The problem with a po’ boy is that it’s a bunch of different sandwiches. It lacks a clear-cut identity," she says, before telling us why the cheesesteak is superior:

“This is not a gourmet sandwich. It’s bland. That’s its secret. That’s why it’s so popular.”

TKO for the po-boy in Round 1. Cheesesteaks are all well and good, but when you're forced to make "bland" a selling point, you've already lost.

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