Cupcakes & Co. to give away free cupcakes




To celebrate the grand opening of its brick-and-mortar store, the food truck Cupcakes & Co. — which Gambit food writer Ian McNulty mentioned in his story about the food business incubator Edible Enterprises — will give away free cupcakes tomorrow, July 28. The store location is 1907 Poydras St., and they'll be out there starting at 11 a.m. A recent tweet promises "Everyone gets a FREE CUPCAKE!!!"

Donuts seem to have dethroned cupcakes as the trendy junk food of the moment (The Times-Picayune's Todd A. Price wrote a great roundup of the best local doughnut shops), but who can resist a cupcake — especially if it's free?

The photo is a stock image and not a picture of Cupcakes & Co.'s goods, although I'm sure theirs look just as tasty.

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