The AP wants to replace your decaying Stylebook


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My copy, which looks OK aside from the hardened food stains.
  • My copy, which looks OK aside from the hardened food stains.

If you're a newspaper person, chances are your copy of the Associated Press Stylebook is a bit run down (unless you never use yours, forcing your poor editors to clean up after you). Your copy of the media person's bible* is probably filled with ripped pages, outdated entries (you're still writing "Web site"? So 2009) and stains from coffee, food and your tears. It also might be a little beat up from the many times you've chucked it at the wall or at an errant writer's head. Thankfully, the AP released its 2011 edition last week, and they're giving cheap journos a chance to win a sparkly new copy — in exchange for photos of your decrepit paperback.

Just post a picture of your copy on the Stylebook's Facebook page and you could win one of the five spiral-bound books or five Stylebook Online subscriptions the AP's giving away. Don't be embarrassed; some users have already posted their photos, and there's some rough-lookin' Stylebooks out there.

The 2011 edition contains 500 changes, including more Internet-y stuff and a 16-page food section with such foodieisms as locavore ("the preferred term for a person who strives to eat locally produced foods"), ghee ("a clarified butter used in Indian cooking," not the TV show with the singing teenagers) and orecchiette ("a small, disk-like pasta" ... and also, Italian for "little ears"!). You can buy your copy here or at many bookstores, or you can get an online subscription or download the smartphone* app here.

* According to the 2009 edition: "Lowercase bible as a nonreligious term: My dictionary is my bible."
* Although the 2010 edition favored the two-word "smart phone," the AP announced it would be one word at a American Copy Editors Society conference in March of this year.


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