Bad Girls Club: New Orleans to air July 11


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New Orleans, meet your next embarrassment. (Image screen-grabbed from Oxygen site)
  • New Orleans, meet your next embarrassment. (Image screen-grabbed from Oxygen site)

Back in February, Kenner's collective feathers were ruffled when the Oxygen reality show Bad Girls Club rolled into town with its feral women and tawdry purple house columns. Kenner Mayor Mike Yenni initially pulled the plug on the production, citing a zoning law. But the fracas eventually subsided and the Bad Girls taping quietly carried on, and Oxygen will air the show starting July 11.

The last time we heard about the Bad Girls was back in April, when they took to the catwalk for a Fashion Week New Orleans event and a few weeks later, when the Times-Picayune reported two of the cast members had been cited for fighting. The supposed victim of the fight claimed her assailant "... is 200 pounds" and that "I am prettier than her and she doesn't like it." (This is very reminiscent of the Real World: New Orleans toothbrush incident the Picayune reported before the show aired.)

Originally reported with the title Bad Girls Boot Camp, the video Oxygen has on its website previewing the New Orleans season shows little reform happening. Imagine if Jemmye from The Real World was multiplied by seven and outfitted in more sequins and you'd have the cast of Bad Girls Club: New Orleans: the video is a seizure-inducing montage of shot taking, mechanical bull riding, Bourbon Street antics mixed with sloppy fights and blurred-out nudity. The video ends with a cast member loudly exclaiming "Ya'll think this is The Brady Bunch? IT'S THE BAD GIRLS CLUB, BITCH!" Indeed it is. See the video for yourself below.

And of course, come July 11 I'll be watching this so you don't have to.


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