Japanese disaster brings out the worst of the Internet



Although the world is still reeling from news of this morning's massive earthquake in Japan (Al Jazeera English has been providing some good up-to-date coverage and video streams), inevitable post-disaster insensitivity has begun to manifest itself on social networking sites. The site Openbook, which allows you to search through the Facebook statuses of those with public profiles, reveals many believe the earthquake was "karma" for the attacks at Pearl Harbor. Here's a sampling of the ignorance (I apologize in advance for the racist language and terrible, terrible grammar of these Facebook users. And to Eastern religious for the continued misuse of the concept of karma):




And then there's this dog who was just trying to enjoy that Josh Harnett movie:


Click here if you want to shake your head to a point to where your skull becomes unhinged from your spine and falls off.

Meanwhile, over on Twitter, Hurricane Katrina is a trending topic!


Amid news of Japan's devastation, I guess many Katrina survivors are commiserating. Well, Twitter is not happy with that:




Yes, it's true: New Orleans is wildly envious of the media coverage for your disaster, Japan. But don't think we're not devising something even more deadly and tragic to get us back on the Twitter map!

Meanwhile, if you'd like to do something to help the victims and not yell about stuff on the Internet, Forbes has a good roundup of charities you can donate to via text message.

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