Rachael Ray: First you make a rue ...



Rachel, rouxminating.
  • Rachel, rouxminating.
Rachael Ray — syndicated talk-show host and Food Network mistress of the quik-n-easy — had Saints kicker Garrett Hartley on today's show to share his recipe for crawfish etouffee. They started, of course, with a roux rue ...


And then they worked with the rue ...


Obviously spelling isn't in Hartley's job description (I believe it reads "kick football; win game"), so it's not his fault; the problem lies with Ray, who doesn't seem to be a chef who fusses over details, much less fancy preparations — her other online "recipes" include, rather infamously, the kitchen formulae behind microwaved bacon and pineapple chunks).

And am I the only one who remembers the show she did from New Orleans where she advised visitors to take a streetcar up "St. Charles Street"? At least she went to Brigtsen's after she did. Then she had a beer on Bourbon Street — or, as the French would call it, Roux Bourbon.

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