Gambutt Presents: Juvenile, "Drop That Thang"



Slow-motion scenes of women popping and weed exhalations are to Juvenile what the tracking shot and wide-angle lens were to Orson Welles. That said, consider the video for “Drop That Thang” — from forthcoming LP Beast Mode, due July 6 on Atlantic — Daryn DeLuco’s Citizen Kane. DeLuco, a New Orleans cinematographer, helmed the bleakly beautiful post-K picture Low and Behold and has documented Quintron and Miss Pussycat and Jean-Eric in all their sweat-slicked, lo-fi glory. Here, via crisp, composed black-and-white imagery, he captures Juve in his element: chillaxin’ in a club, clad in Defend New Orleans gear and bathed in thick clouds of smoke and topping glasses of bubbly, begging forgiveness for “thinking with my dipstick” as sundry gravity-defying girls back their azzes up around him. And, action!

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