Kermit Ruffins Reveals Treme Ending



I may be new here in town, but I now possess a secret known by few. Trumpet player Kermit Ruffins dropped by Gambit this afternoon for a photo shoot with photographer Cheryl Gerber, and was gracious enough to submit to a video interview. I got Ruffins a glass of ice for his Bud Light, and we discussed his popularity since starring in Treme. Then I asked what he thinks about the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.

"It's horrible," he said. "It's bad. It's a hole in the goddamn earth."

People are speculating about how the show is going to end, now—with the Saints winning the Superbowl, or the oil disaster. So Ruffins he told me what he thinks, indeed, what he told Treme creator David Simon to do, as a consultant on the show.

"I'm not supposed to tell you that," he added, after revealing the secret. "So blur that part out. I might have to get you to sign something."

No need, Kermit. No need.

—Matt Davis

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