As we predicted yesterday, that video of ABC26 anchor Michael Hill asking a reporter “So she’s enjoying penis a little bit more, is she?” has been spread far and wide on the Web. (From our hit counter and your Tweets, it's certainly the object of your interest as well.) Deadspin, the popular sports website, picked it up (though its relation to sports is, at best, tangential and depends on how you define 'sports'). Nevertheless, Deadspin gave it a boffo review:

Everything about this video is delightful. The way his fellow anchor's face drops upon hearing the question. The nervous paper shuffling and voice lilting by the reporter while trying to respond without bursting into laughter. The irony of talking about phones that are going to be ringing a lot. You name it. This has the makings of either very unfunny jokes around the station or a very funny sexual harassment suit.

Over at Guyism (which employed the straight-faced headline "New Orleans news anchor asks about enjoyment of penis"), they say that Tribune Media contacted the website to insist they put the quote into proper context by airing the entire story about "the G-shot." (We can't embed it for some reason, but here's the link.)

A screenshot of the G-shot!


Even The Times-Picayune has gotten in on the action with a story titled "Michael Hill's comment on WGNO story echoes 'round the Internet" -- but they're coy about saying exactly why it's echoing 'round the Internet ... to which we can only reply with this:

Last but not least, a clearer copy of the clip has surfaced, which is the equivalent of having another angle on the Zapruder film. Hurray! According to YouTube, it's had more than 6,000 views in the last 24 hours. Given the ratings over at ABC26, I'd say they've inadvertently hit on a unique way to goose the ratings: stop trying to compete with the other stations and just go 200-proof on crazy-ass, completely inappropriate anchor banter:

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