Louisiana: Fat and Happy



Louisiana has long been an enemy of lists. This past year was no different: Louisiana placed eighth on Trust for America’s Health “Fattest States” list and 47th on United Health Foundation’s “Healthiest States” list. It seems that the rest of the Bible Belt is the only thing keeping us from being America’s undefeated fat-and-unhealthy state.

While we may be fat, we sure do seem to be happy: a recent study measuring how satisfied people are with their lives ranks Louisiana as number one. The study by the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention compares self-reported happiness with objective quality of life standards.

One major problem with the study is that it did a portion of its measuring of residents’ satisfaction, as well as quality of life standards, before Hurricane Katrina. That might have skewed results, but I would say that we’re a pretty happy state — it was probably our happiness, particularly with eating and drinking, that lead to our less flattering rankings in health-related studies.

nola.com via the AP

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