John Georges campaign behind "Mitch the Mayor"?


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That "Mitch The Mayor" parody Web site we wrote about earlier today? The one that was wiped off the Internet immediately afterward (along with its accompanying YouTube, Facebook and Twitter sites)?

It may be a coincidence, but ComputerCC, the Web registrar for the site "" and Iokon, the New Orleans-based Web strategy firm of Mitch Landrieu's competitor John Georges, are both registered to the same address (3439 Kabel Drive, Suite 12, New Orleans, Louisiana 70131) at the Louisiana Secretary of State's office.

Loki at Humid City has a thorough and easy-to-understand explanation of how all this tech-detection works.

Circumstantial, yes -- but interesting. Does this mean the anti-Landrieu site was the product of the Georges campaign team (or a "rogue agent")? Dunno. We have calls in to Georges himself and his public relations team, Helena Moreno and Liz Reyes, but no return calls yet, and will update this post when we do.


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