The Zephyrs' new logo: Welcome the "Fleur de Z"



Gambit sports guy Alejandro de los Rios is in Europe, and fashion guru Kara Nelson is on maternity leave, so we have no experts to consult regarding the New Orleans Zephyrs' new logo, which was unveiled this afternoon at a press conference at the Fox and Hound. What's news? No more Boudreaux the nutria:

The old logo, of mascot Boudreaux taking a bite out of the "Zephyrs" script, has been replaced by the "Fleur de Z" logo, with a baseball bat as the centerpiece and the new "Zephyrs" script across the middle...

"The fleur de lis is known nationwide as the symbol of New Orleans, and by incorporating it into our logo, we are emphasizing, again, how proud we are to call New Orleans home," said Jessica De Oro, Zephyrs Director of Promotions and Merchandise. "No matter where we play, people will know that we are from New Orleans."

Additionally, the Zephyrs have introduced metallic silver into the color scheme for the first time, taking the place of the hunter green that has traditionally been used. Navy blue will remain the Zephyrs' primary color.

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