New Orleans Sports Scuttlebutt 8-17-09


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by Clay A. Smith

With training camp well underway and their first preseason game in the books, the Saints' defense has already suffered what is sure to be a crushing blow. After a performance that can only be described as "vintage" Jason David or "David-esque," the Saints pulled the plug on what was sure to be your classic underdog story.


David had a knack for being involved in the "big play", and the preseason opener was no different.  Against the Cincinnati Bengals, New Orleans' defense held strong almost the entire 1st half-that is until David struck. With his "sloth-like" reflexes and over-all remedial understanding of situational defense, David allowed backup quarterback and former Saint, J.T. O'Sullivan to connect with Chris Henry on a 14 yard fade route for the Bengals' only score of the game.


To the untrained eye, David had just been burned for a quick-six to end the half. But to a skilled tactician, it was Bishop to Queen check and mate. The Bengals never saw it coming. They had just been "rope-a doped' master and left brimming with a false sense of security.


His detractors  say his tackling lacks the tenacity required to succeed at the pro level, but I've seen David start tackling a guy at the twenty yard line and keep tackling him all the way to the fifty. How much more tenacious can you get? Sure, versatile rookie Malcolm Jenkins is already lining up with the first team at safety and nickel back, and played pretty well in Friday night's game. And sure Tracy  Porter's big practice helped  to raise his Stock. Saints' fans were treated to front row seats to witness an awe-inspiring display of unflinching ineptitude. There will never be another Jason David, and I'm not sure if Saints' fans want to.


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