One of the most sensible things anyone in this city has ever done? Or THE most sensible thing anyone in this city has ever done?



Leon sez getting tough on crime means getting real about pot laws:

District Attorney Leon Cannizzaro appeared before the City Council on Thursday to push for a change to the way the city prosecutes simple marijuana cases.

"Please keep in mind I am not here advocating the legalization or the criminalization of marijuana whatsoever," Cannizzaro said.

But Cannizzaro is asking that misdemeanor marijuana cases be transferred from criminal district court to municipal court.

Even Councilmember Jackie Clarkson (whom we doubt is a fan of the chronic, the doob, the Mary Jane) agreed:

"We think we have to get the misdemeanor crimes out of your way, so to speak, so you have every open avenue to attack the real criminals," she said....

"Many of the these people would be given essentially a traffic ticket and a summons to show up in court to handle their charge," Cannizzaro said.

Freeing up the courts for violent offenders strikes us as blindly sensible in a town not known for its blinding sensibility. What do you think?

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