When Stormy met Sarah?



If there's one thing that Stormy Daniels -- porn queen and possible candidate for the Senate seat of David Vitter -- knows how to do, it's give good quote. And the announcement that Gov. Sarah Palin would be stepping down from the Alaska statehouse was all Stormy needed to grab a little press attention. From this morning's Politico:

Stormy Daniels, the porn star who is mulling a Senate run in Louisiana against Sen. David Vitter, wants to get together with Sarah Palin.

“As a woman who is often criticized and dismissed by the media I obviously can relate to Governor Palin on many levels,” Daniels said in a statement. “Given this I am very interested to hear what she has to say about the challenges women like ourselves who are not afraid to display our sexuality face when it comes to being taken seriously as leaders.”

Also she hopes for a sit-down with Palin in August. “I am planning to hold to my timetable of making an official announcement at the end of the summer," she said. "So it is my hope that Governor Palin and I can have a chance to sit down sometime in August.”

Politico reports that the Palin camp hasn't issued any comment on what would be sure to be a fascinating meeting. When Gambit interviewed Daniels back in May, she had described herself as "pro-condom," so the abstinence discussion alone would be priceless.

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