The Webby Awards announced its annual winners earlier this week, with local production team Deltree, headed by local filmmaker/creative entrepreneur Benjamin Reece, taking the Webby prize (along with collaborators crush + lovely) for Best Editing in the Online Film and Video category.  


The winning films, which David Winkler-Schmit blogged in January, fall in a series of documentary shorts (50 Fifty People One Question) starring off-the-street faces each presented with the same question (i.e. "Where do you want to wake up?"; "What would you like to have happened by the end of the day?"). The resulting answers formed a unique collage of everyday life through 50 pairs of eyes. The crews travelled to London and Brooklyn after the inaugural New Orleans shoot to film more of their social experiment. It's one of those so-simple-why-didn't-I-think-of-that strokes of genius. Make sure to hit those links to watch the now award-winning shorts (that, yes, are very well edited and deserving of an editing award).

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