Make It Right Wins the Oscar


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Well, almost.


Today, the foundation's fundraisers, activists and supporters presented their "thank you" to Make It Right founder Brad Pitt (sadly, not present), and presented their check of $150,000 raised to underwrite building a house in the state-of-the-art green neighborhood.


Local artist Luis Colmenares (pictured, left) used "about 99 percent" reclaimed scrap from the 9th Ward (including a muffler from a chop shop and recycled roofing parts) to build Pitt's colorful "recovery Oscar," as well as a director's chair made from similar material.


(Hit the jump for a photo of the chair.)


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Landscape architect Tim Duggan and architect John Williams, among others, led the group on a tour of the neighborhood nestled in the Lower 9th Ward following the presentation.


Those touring the neighborhood applauded the foundation's efforts, with most asking the person next to them, "Why didn't we think of that?" Good question. This was my second visit to the site, and I still don't see why New Orleans homeowners aren't building similar modular homes (mostly resembling Jetsons-like shotguns).


"(New Orleans) had a hiccup with Katrina," Duggan says. "This is our opportunity to lead the dialogue" in green building.

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