Seafood City, very pretty


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When I noticed the BONO Blog now has identifying tags for "TV" and "Nostalgia," I couldn't help sharing this vintage gem, especially in light of Eddie Bo's recent passing. Seafood mogul Al Scramuzza, seen here in one of his iconic homemade commercials, could have happily been assured a place in the pantheon of New Orleans characters just for those. However, back in the day, Scramuzza was also the man behind the local indie label Scram Records - for whom Eddie recorded several songs in the '60s, including his famous track "Hook and Sling." The story goes that Eddie got the song's title from Scramuzza himself, or at least from directions the fish man gave to workers who were unloading crawfish at his stores: "First you hook 'em, then you sling 'em." Anyway, enjoy.


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