It's (not) a sunshine day in Baton Rouge


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Let's check in with the editorial page of the Lafayette Daily Advertiser:

This week, The Daily Advertiser has joined with print and broadcast media throughout the nation in observance of "Sunshine Week." The observance is intended to focus on the public's right to know, and on those laws created to protect that right....

We find it disappointing that Gov. Bobby Jindal - who regularly promotes transparency in government at all levels - apparently does not apply the standards to his own office. State law exempts the governor from having to release documents that are commonly accessible in other government offices. Equally disturbing is the fact that wording added by the Legislature last year could extend the protection to any other office's document that the governor reviews.

A group called the Citizen Access Project, a Florida-based review of state access laws, ranked Louisiana's open records law - particularly when applied to the Governor's Office - as the "darkest" sunshine law in the nation.

Y'think the state Democratic party might pick this up?


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