"Happiest Man in the World" - tonight!



Nomad, raconteur, visionary, lunatic - Poppa Neutrino, the off-the-grid patriarch of a vaudevillian clan that includes New Orleans chanteuse Ingrid Lucia, his oldest daughter, is probably worthy of all these titles. As a sort of modern-day Don Quixote, the charismatic Neutrino willingly dropped off the grid and turned his brood of kids into sort of a gypsy caravan, leading a peripatetic life that included signing the whole family into a traveling circus in Mexico and crossing the North Atlantic on a homemade raft. The fantastic story was immortalized in the award-winning documentary "Random Lunacy" and in the book "The Happiest Man In The World" by New Yorker writer Alec Wilkinson. Tonight at 8 p.m., Poppa Neutrino will hold forth at the Fair Grinds Coffee House (3133 Ponce de Leon St.) in Bayou St. John. Copies of the documentary will be on sale to raise funds for his next adventure - a trip through the Panama Canal, for which he sails January 7. 

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