Strange Christmas Song of the Day #12


sad snowman

Everyone's heard the story that incidences of suicide traditionally rise during the holiday season. Could it be because of songs like Johnny Adams' "The Little Boy That Santa Forgot?" Or John Denver's "Daddy, Please Don't Get Drunk This Christmas?" Or perhaps one of the many variations out there on Christmas in the jungles of Vietnam. In any case, songwriters have figured out that adding the element of the Yuletide season to traditionally depressing topics like, say, orphans with cancer twists the knife in a way that creates an exponentially larger misery effect.  

The country singer Red Sovine was well-known for truck-driving epics, but as our research elves have learned this season, he was also a master of the depressing Christmas song. Sovine put out enough of these to make even the coldest-hearted Grinch want to hang himself from the mistletoe, but we like this one, courtesy of Musical Fruitcake: "Faith In Santa" - about an abused runaway who dies in Santa's lap. Happy Holidays!  

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