Music Of My Mind: Lil' Doogie



Parental Guidance: Explicit Language! Tipper Gore did not approve this message.
Lil’ Doogie is Tipper Gore’s worst nightmare. When the ringleader of the “Washington Wives” railed against her daughter’s sinful predilection for Prince in 1984 — leading to the formation of the Parents Music Resource Center, which led to branding the majority of albums with a black, moral Surgeon General's warning, which in turn led to increased sales and one hell of a T-shirt — she never could have guessed that all of her efforts at censorship would amount to a futuristic world where her grandkids had free, immediate access to the works of a gangsta-rapping puppet from Marrero, La., who looks like Bert and Ernie but who talks like Bun B and Eazy-E. (And to think, all through the power of the Internet. Al, you got some ’splainin’ to do!) It’s hard to say where “Hard Since a Lil’ One,” the hilarious lead single from Doogie’s debut EP, The Thoughts of My Mind, would rank on the PMRC’s Filthy Fifteen, that famous list of ’80s hits considered most harmful to our children's ears. But it’s safe to assume it would have been on there somewhere, surely bouncing Cyndi Lauper’s “She Bop.” (The horror!) On the sizzling, salacious bounce song, Doogie reps West Bank landmarks Belle Promenade and Barataria Boulevard and rips on you, your daddy, daiquiri drinkers, third graders, fourth graders, fifth graders, et al. Aside from the stock philosophical questions, Doogie’s pseudo-existence raises another red flag for Mrs. Gore and the prude patrol: What if it was the kids we should have been fearing all along?
Lil’ Doogie headlines the House of Blues (god help us) tomorrow, Aug. 16, at 10 p.m. with special guests (chaperones?) Ballzack and Odoms. 

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