Patricia Clarkson -- NUDE!



Well...not on the Web. But in her next movie, according to this New York Times profile titled "A Fling With Hollywood, But Love For the Big Easy":

PATRICIA CLARKSON already knows how her mother, Jackie Clarkson, the peppy president of the City Council of resurgent New Orleans, will react to her latest nude scene in a feature film, this time opposite Ben Kingsley in “Elegy,” adapted from Philip Roth’s tortured novelette, “The Dying Animal”: two thumbs up....

“My parents are old-fashioned, but not in a standard conservative sense,” says Ms. Clarkson, 48, balancing her sylph-thin, barefoot self on one of the deliberately unmatched chairs flanking the banquet-size dining table in her West Village loft. Purchased 11 months ago, it is the first and only home she has owned. She fantasizes about a pied-à-terre on the outskirts of the French Quarter, but putting down roots in New York City was a priority. Even if her family is ensconced in the city where she grew up.

“I mean, please, they’re Southerners, they’re high school sweethearts who’ve been married 55 years and are still speaking to each other, plus they’ve raised five daughters,” adds Ms. Clarkson of her comfortable suburban upbringing in the Algiers section, where her parents still live. “I grew up in a boisterous, loud house; the lights were always on.”

It's an interesting profile of one of New Orleans' most talented native daughters, with this tidbit for the hometown audience:

[Woody] Allen invited her to join a cast that includes Larry David in what she carefully refers to as “Woody’s untitled spring project.”

In it, she plays a crazed Southern woman. A stretch? “She does contain elements of me and my mother,” she says.

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